With baldness coming at an early age, many people prefer to wear a hair patch or a hair toupee to cover the balding area.

A hair patch is a hair unit where human hair are woven into the net system to give a completely natural look.

Sareen hair clinic has the best hair patches available in the market with most affordable prices.

 Hair patch be fitted onto the head by following techniques -  

Hair Weaving


 It is a non-surgical procedure which uses natural remy hair woven to the scalp to give more thickness and cover baldness. The extra hair is added to the scalp directly. The extra hair is chosen only if it matches with the existing. The hair is attached through different procedures such as hair bonding, tree braiding, fusion, tracking and tree braiding. Lace extension is a latest method among all.The procedure of hair weaving is also known as hair integration.The additional hair is woven to the root area of the patient’s hair. It gives a natural look to the woven hair. A longer, thicker and instant hair is the final result of hair weaving procedure 

Hair Bonding


Hair Bonding is the procedure wherein the hair toupee is attached to the scalp by an adhesive system. We use FDA approved adhesive systems to give a complte natural look.

Hair bonding can be done by glue system or taping system.

Hair clipping


 In this method the hair is locked in with the natural hair of the client with specially designed clips that can hold around 7 strands of natural hair in the clip. It is a topical and cosmetic method of hair replacement. It has a net base and the natural hair along with the replacement hair is knotted in the net. There is a PU coating in the hair unit to put clips, glue or weave it into the natural hair of the client. Before the hair unit is placed the scalp and the hair condition is fully analyzed and a treatment plan is developed. Once the treatment is complete then hair unit is placed on the balding patches of the client. This helps to give the client the type of style and result that the client wants because the client is involved in the decision making process. 

Hair microwefting


 The hair microwefting is a non-surgical hair bonding procedure, which is quick, painless and safe. Hair microwefting is a recent and innovative technique that doesn’t require follow-up care. In this procedure, the hair is clipped using specially designed invisible clips. Micrfowefted hair leaves only fewer limitations for shampooing, cutting, hair styling and colouring. Microwefting is suitable for any type of baldness. There cannot be any side effects or risks for the procedure. The new hair after microwefting procedure will have a natural as well as flawless look. One can even swim with the microwefted hair.


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