Free consultation for Hair transplant at Srinagar

Stressed with the experience of hair loss?
Does the emotional aspect of hair loss challenges you?
Do you find it as an end of your youth?

Hair is the one playing a very important role in your life. While getting into a meeting you give a great part of notice to their hair. It is quite necessary to look good and a good look to our hair loss are very conscious and aware about the importance of hair in the social life.  There are many who even avoid to meet their friends and near ones due to the grieve of hair loss.



Sareen Hair Clinic, a renowned and successful one in the Hair transplant field, always aims to satisfy the customers requirement and show commitment to the quality provided to our clients.

Sareen, the best hair clinic, would like to delight you by informing you that we are arranging a free consultation for the individuals who are interested in Hair transplant. We give you the best ever offer for the hair transplant consultation at Srinagar.

Free hair transplant consultation will be provided at,
Townsquare Mall (1st floor)
Gogji Bagh
(Opposite to Amar Singh College, Srinagar)

Our free consultation timing is from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

We provide you the best discounts on spot booking.

Call us on 00919250009490 to book urgently.

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