India is the land of unparallel beauty, tranquility, great seers, and saints. Its rich cultural heritage has always held the world captive by its mystique and enigma. People are attracted to India not only for its beauty, but they come here for healing their body, mind, and soul. Modern India is fast emerging as the destination for medical tourism as well i.e., pleasure combined with healing and care!

One has to love one’s own self to be able to love others. One has to look beautiful, not for others but for one’s own self-esteem and confidence.

Hair has always been the crowning glory of a person’s beauty and self-worth. This glory is being affected by various factors and diseases in today’s world. People fly across continents to get the best treatment to overcome such situation. India, with its world-class hair restoration clinics fitted with the state of the art equipment, has become the favorite destination for hair transplant surgeries for the people world over.

The number of Americans and Westerners who received hair transplants in India and other Asian countries totals around 92,000.

Clinics like Sareen Hair Clinic has widely acclaimed the world over for the value for money and world-class results for hair restoration treatment. Though a number of other procedures and cures are being researched in India to help people suffering from hair loss, the only cosmetic treatment currently available and scientifically proven is a hair transplant. The lower cost of hair transplant in India is one of the biggest driving factors for medical tourists. A large number of patients come seeking hair transplant procedures in India not only because it is cheaper here but also because FUE hair transplant is more widely done in India than in any other part of the world.

So, even after paying for your airfare and medical treatment in India, you are still able to save money and visit various beautiful places. Some of those include places like Shimla, Jaipur, Agra (Taj Mahal), which are close by from Delhi. 

Enjoy Hair Transplant Vacation Packages

The ideology,”atithi deva bhav” (the guest is like God) underlines our custom of taking good care of our guests. Indians treat their guest with utmost warmth and affection.

Moreover, Indian doctors and nurses are renowned all over the world for medical skills and compassionate approach towards their patients. The doctors in India are extremely well trained and have received training in world-class universities. They are up-to-date with the latest surgery methods and technologies. The hospitals are equipped with ultramodern equipment measuring up to international standards.

Similarly, we provide comfortable, reliable, and satisfactory hair transplant procedure performed under the supervision of U.S. trained surgeons. In the proficient hands of our doctors, when your tresses are restored, you go back refreshed and rejuvenated, beaming with a confidence that comes with a head full of hair and thick locks that will surely baffle your hairdresser!

India is a convenient country to come to, pleasant weather, affectionate people, modern amenities, and with the expertise of our accomplished surgeons, you get a complete package which no other country can offer to match.


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